Interview With A Nervous Adult Swimmer

Why Nervous Adults Should Learn To Swim – Interview With An Adult Beginner

If you are an adult and you haven’t learnt to swim yet you are not alone. You will be surprised by the amount of adults who have put off learning to swim. Lots of people have had negative and sometimes quite traumatic experiences with water when they were younger, and this often prevents them from learning. These experiences can leave people terrified of water, so much so that simply getting into a swimming pool in the first place is an enormous challenge.

If you are scared of the water or feel nervous and apprehensive about swimming lessons, then group sessions at a public pool is definitely not the best way to learn. At Poolskool we have created the perfect environment for the nervous swimmer to learn at their own pace. You can learn in complete privacy, at your speed and with a teacher who understands your needs. One to one swimming lessons are very focused and tailored to the individual. The progress you can make with one to one lessons is astonishing, you just don’t get the attention you need in big groups. It is never too late to learn to swim. We have interviewed an adult swimmer who started off being absolutely petrified of the water, and now enjoys swimming on a regular basis. She has come so far since she started, read on to discover her story.

How did you find out about Poolskool?

My husband was searching online for a one to one lessons for adults who were terrified of water. The fact that it was one to one and not in a private pool was really important. I wanted to have somewhere where I could feel comfortable and having a teacher that understood my needs was really important. I saw the ‘Adult Swimming’ section on the website and it made me feel confident that this was the right place.

How did you feel about the prospect of taking swimming lessons?

I was absolutely terrified, I had put it off for many years. My husband has been saying for about 15 years that I ought to take lessons. I had an incident as a child, I got my 4 metre swimming certificate and had an 8 week break before going in the pool again and assumed I would be fine. When I got back in the water I struggled to stay afloat and had a terrible experience. I was probably about 7 or 8, and it put me off swimming completely. That’s why it has taken me so long to pluck up the courage to go swimming, turns out I just need the right environment to do it.

What was your first lesson like?

The first lesson was amazing. But at the start I stood at the top of the ladder crying. Somehow Gaye got me to get into the water in my own time. She held my hand and talked to me as we walked around the water. By the end of the lesson I was floating face down completely relaxed, she made me feel so comfortable and at ease.

How much have you improved?

I have improved beyond belief. I am doing breaststroke and front crawl. I am working on technique now and not just getting from one end of the pool to the other. I have got my 25 metre swimming certificate, this meant the world to me.

What is your favourite stroke?

Front crawl. I am runner and so it feels much more natural to me to do front crawl. With breaststroke I have slight coordination issues, but I am learning and improving all the time. Currently I am working on doing the correct breathing for breaststroke.

Would you recommend us to adults in a similar situation?

Definitely. I have given your number out to many people. Anybody I hear who is scared of water I send your way. If they mention they are a complete beginner or are nervous I know that Poolskool will be the best place for them to learn.

What is it about Poolskool that made you feel comfortable?

First and foremost, Gaye, the teacher. I think she is amazing how she deals with people. Also having the one to one pool where I don’t to go out of my depth.

How do you feel about swimming now?

I love it, I find it relaxing. The fact that just over a year ago I wouldn’t have a bath because I was so scared of water and now I choose swimming to relax is amazing.

What advice would you give other adults like you?

I think I would say don’t put it off. The anticipation is what is holding you back. If you confront your fears, you feel as if you have achieved the world. Getting that certificate was amazing. I have done huge things in life, but that was one of my biggest achievements. I am so proud of myself.