Childrens Swimming

Pre School

Kids swimming lessons are tailored to allow mothers and their children to build familiarity with being in the water. This facilitates a quicker response in building confidence in the water which creates a safe and smooth transition into becoming a competent swimmer as the child develops and moves into the beginner programme. This age group is encouraged to learn through play and enjoy the water. The pool temperature is kept at 90 degrees which is which provides a comfortable environment for learning. As soon as the instructor thinks they are ready they will start the badge scheme. They would start with the Duckling awards.


The kids swimming programme for beginners is designed for anyone who needs to learn the rudiments of swimming no matter what age or level of anxiety. Our instructors will always determine the pupils’ history and level of ability before proceeding with a planned course to ensure the quickest route to getting results. Again, the water temperature is kept at 90 degrees.

At first the children will learn the basics of swimming and be encouraged to swim doggy paddle. They will then start to learn the foundation of all four strokes and should shortly be able to show alternating and simultaneous leg and arm actions to achieve movement on back and front. The children will be working towards stages 1, 2 and 3.


Once they have learnt the basics of all four strokes they will be shown how to improve their skills and techniques to obtain a more proficient stroke. At this point they will be taught more advanced skills for water confidence. They will be working towards stages 4, 5 and 6.


The advanced swimmer will become competent in all four strokes. They will learn more advanced skills, drills and techniques that will improve stamina and speed. As they become more proficient in their strokes, they may be interested in joining a local swimming club and we will be happy to advise on the best route to take at this stage. We also run courses on deep water confidence, diving and rookie awards (life saving) which advanced swimmers may be interested in taking part. They will now be working towards stages 7, 8, 9 and 10.

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“May I take this opportunity to thank all of you at PoolSkool for the help you have given to both my son and daughter over the past few years! It’s been well worthwhile and has given them both the water confidence that will stand them in good stead in the future.”

“Thank you so much for teaching my daughter for the last couple of years at PoolSkool. We have reached the time now where she can swim competently. Her teachers have been fantastic and she has loved every minute!”

“My son had his 4th lesson today and I felt that I needed to email you to say how amazed I am at his progress. He has been having lessons on and off for 6 and a half years and today he swam a length on his back with no aids at all.”

“My son has really enjoyed his years at PoolSkool with a huge improvement in his capabilities, so please pass on thanks to the whole team.”

“The girls have advanced so much it’s incredible. The little one was just 3 when she got onto Stage 1. The teachers are just amazing and I can’t imagine the girls going to any other swim school.”

“We massively appreciate everything PoolSkool has done for my son over the past 4 years.

Thank you for always fitting us in and looking after us so well. I think what he has learnt over the years gives him a fantastic foundation to join a group session, I can’t believe he’s gone from throwing up everytime a drip of water hits his head, to doing roly poly’s in the water, butterfly stroke and being so confident and for that we have PoolSkool to thank.”

“I would like to thank you for my children (son age 8 & daughter age 11) swimming lessons.

Both children spend a lot of time in the pool and I was conscious that although they were both confident they seemed to spend most of the time playing, I felt they needed to have some basic swimming skills and structure. I decided to take your offer of a space for 1 to 1 thus giving them 15 minutes each, this worked really well and they have advanced beyond my expectations. I feel a lot of this was down to the instructor, she is calm patient and explains things really well, we have seen an immense improvement from them on a weekly basis.

Thank you for this, I will certainly recommend you to others.”

“My children are really enjoying their swimming lessons with PoolSkool. My son, in particular, has really improved his confidence and is starting to make real progress in improving his strokes. They have a great teacher who is very patient and friendly, just what my son needed. I will happily recommend PoolSkool to friends and colleagues.”

“My son has had a wonderful 3.5 years at Pool Skool and has always had amazing teachers.”

“Huge credit to your fabulous swimming teachers – they have got my daughter from a nervous in the water child to a confident swimmer.”

“I would like to say how well my son has learnt in the last two years. He has had a fantastic swimming experience with Poolskool.”

“Both of my daughters are having fun and improving with their swimming.”

“Thank you so much, my son has had a fantastic time learning to swim at Poolskool.”

“My daughter had a fabulous time learning to swim at Poolskool.”

“I am sure that the lessons have contributed massively to my son’s progress. Both my boys look forward to coming to Poolskool. The lessons have been both fun and productive.”

“I would like to say how fantastic the one to one lessons have been and am so proud of my daughter for coming on so well… worth every penny!! Thank you and your teachers for the last few years and for getting her up to a very high standard.”

“We have been thrilled with the teaching my daughter has received. The instructor has done a great job turning my very nervous daughter into a confident and enthusiastic swimmer. I know that my daughter will miss her Tuesday night sessions, so we will both look forward to enjoying the last half term with her instructor.”

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say how wonderful the instructor is. My children are getting on and the lessons and great. The instructor’s attitude and manner works very well. Thank you.”

“We’ve been very happy with the lessons and with the progress that both children are making.  Thank you for all that you and your teachers have done for our children.”

“I am very pleased with her progress she has become a lot calmer in the water and more confident which was what I wanted to achieve.”

“We really appreciate how much the instructor has helped my son progress – please pass on our sincere thanks. And thank you to you also – the facilities are great and my son has really enjoyed learning to swim in your pool.”

“My son really enjoys the lessons and will look forward to coming back after half term. We would recommend Poolskool.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank their teacher very much for everything she has done. Her excellent teaching has made them become competent swimmers. She is a great asset to Poolskool and the girls will miss her.”

“We would like to say that we are very impressed with the boys teacher. How the children have come on in the short space of time he has been teaching them is really good – it is evident he has experience teaching with children with additional needs.”

“I really got a lot out of the sessions – you have a great teaching style, making it easy to remember all the tips and techniques – so a big thankyou!”

“My daughter loved her lessons and is very excited to be coming back… and we thought her teacher was excellent.”

“I am really pleased with my daughters progress this week: Her teacher has really got the best out of her!”

“One week on and I am amazed. The teacher was great with the boys – fantastic and responsive. The only shame is that it’s now finished!”

“Amazing to think that only a few years ago on holidays she used to refuse to even go into a paddle pool! Big thanks to you and all your team!”

“I am so grateful to their teacher for all her hard work with my children. The children loved her and have both been complimented on their swimming skills by their new teachers.”