Swimming badge order form

Please use this form to order swimming badges. All badge options are listed below. Please add your details below and indicate the badges you require by putting the number of badges you require in the corresponding field.

All badges cost £3.50 each. After you submit this form, you will be emailed payment details to the email address you provide below. You will be asked to make a bank transfer to the Poolskool account.

If you wish your badge to be posted please add £3.50 and add your full address. If you wish to collect your badge weekly customers can collect from the folder on poolside a week after ordering. If you are having an intensive course the badges can be collected a week after ordering from the folder in ordering times from 4pm-6pm.


Basic details

Duckling badges

Duckling 1 badge

Duckling 2 badge

Duckling 3 badge

Duckling 4 badge

Duckling 5 badge

ASA stage badges

ASA stage 1 badge

ASA stage 2 badge

ASA stage 3 badge

ASA stage 4 badge

ASA stage 5 badge

ASA stage 6 badge

ASA stage 7 badge

ASA stage 8 badge

ASA stage 9 badge

ASA stage 10 badge

Award badges

Front crawl award badge

Back crawl award badge

Breaststroke award badge

Butterfly award badge

Distance award badges

5m award badge

10m award badge

25m award badge

50m award badge

100m award badge

200m award badge

400m award badge

600m award badge

800m award badge

1000m award badge

1500m award badge